Small character industrial inkjet printer - rnmark.comWhen it comes to printing on cement bags, a cement factory presents a challenging environment for any industrial inkjet marking printer. So, what kind of an industrial marking system can handle this type of environment?

Because of the dusty environment and the weight of the packages, the following issues can be encountered:

  • 1. the print head can collect dust, which can affect print quality
  • 2. the dust on the package may lead to legibility problems with printed bar codes
  • 3. misaligned packages on the conveyor can collide with the print head, causing damage to it

After a cement manufacturer approached us with a print quality issue, we arranged for an on-site visit. Sure enough, we saw first hand that it was a rough environment for an inkjet printer. We found out that because of the dust collection on the print heads, these parts need to be cleaned regularly. However, this meant downtime and line stoppages. And this is not what any manufacturer would want.

To help the cement manufacturer gain confidence in our products, we offered to install an RN Mark RNJet 100 inkjet printer on one of the lines. This printer would run in parallel to printers that were already installed. A benchmarking period of 1 week was agreed to and our printer went to work. At the end of the week, we learnt that the RNJet 100 was stopped only once. What for? To change the ink cartridge.

As a result, our customer installed the RNJet 100 on all lines.